Court Has Ruled Whether Anders Breivik Had Human Rights Violated

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Mass murderer Anders Breivik has won part of a human rights case against the Norwegian state.

The court agreed that some aspects of his time in prison amounted to ‘inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’ reports the BBC.

In 2011 Breivik – a right-wing extremist – shot and killed 69 young left-wing political activists in an attack on the island of Utoya and set off a van bomb in Oslo killing eight people.

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Breivik challenged the government over his solitary confinement – he was kept alone in his cell for 22 to 23 hours a day – how he was denied contact with other inmates and was only allowed to communicate with staff through a glass barrier.

Judge Helen Andenaes Sekulic said: 

Prisoners’ human rights represent a fundamental value in a democratic society and must also be applied to terrorists and killers.

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Judge Sekulic also noted that Breivik was woken every half hour at night over a long period of time.

According to NRK, if no one appeals the decision within four weeks, the prison will have to relax Breivik’s prison regime.

The court also ordered the Norwegian state to pay Breivik’s legal costs of 330,000 kroner ($40,000; £28,000).

A survivor of Breivik’s attack, Bjorn Ihler tweeted that the judgement in Breivik’s favour showed Norway had a ‘working court system, respecting human rights even under extreme conditions.’