Court Officials Went Extra Mile To Give A Little Girl A Fairy Tale Adoption

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Jun 2016 09:48
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Adoption services made a little girl’s dreams come true when they arranged for her favourite Disney princesses to turn up at the hearing.  


Five-year-old Danielle Koning has been living with her foster family since March 2014 and the courts were finally moving forward to make her adoption official.

However, knowing that Danielle was a little nervous about the hearing, the team working on her case decided to add a little magic into her life, The Huffington Post reports.


Knowing that Danielle loved Disney, they decided to attend the hearing in full Disney princess costumes.


Samaritas Foster Care filmed Danielle turning around in the court as the doors opened and several Disney characters turned up, before sitting down to watch the proceedings.

Kristina Grey, the little girl’s case worker, explains she had a ‘special bond’ with Danielle ever since the Konings family fostered her.

Grey told InsideEdition:

She was my first case, She’s been like my own child. Every single time I go to her house, we always have a tea party, and it’s always on Disney china.

Grey explained that she wanted to make Danielle’s day extra special and asked her co-worker to dress up as Cinderella at a meeting, but was shocked when other colleagues offered to transform themselves into Disney characters too.

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Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Elsa and Ariel, and even a Prince Charming, all agreed to make an appearance at the hearing.


Even the judge got into the spirit, dressing up as Snow White underneath her official robes! Magic.

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