Court Orders Bank To Pay For Man’s £23k Strip Club Bill

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jul 2015 09:32
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A bank has been ordered to reimburse a man’s strip club bill by a Norwegian court.


It’s not as great as it sounds, though.

The Norwegian man, who hasn’t been named, ran up a £23,400 drink and lap dance bill at the Sparebank 1 club in Poland. But he claims he was drugged, and that he doesn’t remember spending any of the money, only becoming aware when the bank contacted him the next day.

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The club claims he was in control of how he spent his money, but the court disagreed, coming to the conclusion that he was in fact drugged and unaware of what he was doing.


A Polish investigation into the alleged drugging was discontinued due to lack of evidence, but CCTV shows a barman at the club putting something into the man’s drink.

All that money and you can’t even remember a thing. Gutted.

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    Norwegian court orders bank to cover man's £23k lap-dance and drinks bill