Crazy Footage Shows Skier Flying Down Escalators In Busy Shopping Centre



As part of GoPro’s ‘Line of Winter’ contest, where skiers from around the world send in footage of their best stuff this season, one video has gone viral.

The footage shows Daniel Freed Schwartz flying down three sets of escalators in a busy shopping centre, and might only be 50 seconds long, but given the speed Freed Schwartz is going at and the fact the shopping centre is full of people, that’s more than enough.

It’s not the first time a crazy stunt has been done involving a GoPro camera, and while it’s slightly more adrenaline inducing than watching someone use the camera to propose or film a life changing event, it’s safe to say Schwartz’s effort may well be topped by the end of the competition.


Officials at Creek City Centre, where the stunt took place, meanwhile are far from impressed, claiming:

The safety of our guests is our first priority. While we welcome and respect the wide variety of interests of those who visit our centre, this type of activity is simply not allowed.

We will remain vigilant about monitoring and will immediately address those who compromise their own well-being or that of others, or diminish our guest experience in any way.