Crazy Modified Nerf Gun Can Hold Over 100 Rounds Of Ammo At One Time

Outof Darts/YouTube

Anyone who has ever owned a Nerf gun, and had a shootout with their mates, will understand the frustration of running out of ammo and scrambling around for more. Well this guy has introduced a game-changer.

Normally Nerf’s Rival Zeus MXV-1200 blaster has an ammunition tube which is swapped with a full tube when ammo runs out. But that was not efficient enough for YouTuber Outof Darts.

His modified Nerf gun removes the need to reload, for a little while at least.

Based on the rules of his local Nerf play field, yes they are a thing apparently, 108 rounds can be dispensed and used in a game. So with a fan motor and some extra tubing, that is precisely the number of balls he can now carry without reloading.

He has demonstrated how well his fully stocked rapid fire toy works via his channel, and I must say I wish this was out before I wrote my letter to Santa.

Mind you, reloading looks like it would be a bit of a ball ache, as I’m sure Outof Darts found out after he had to collect 108 tiny balls from the bushes he fired into.