Crazy Moment Plane Lands Amongst Traffic On New Jersey Highway



Drivers on a highway in New Jersey had a bit of a shock on Sunday when a plane narrowly missed them during an emergency landing that literally came out of the blue.

The incident happened on a busy road near the Jersey Shore after the pilot was forced to bring the aircraft down due to loss of power.

The single-engine plane was carrying students from the Skydive East Coast skydiving school at the time, but the pilot managed to land safely with no injuries worse than a small cut on one instructor’s arm.

The Stafford Township Police Department released the video on its Facebook page today (Tuesday), and it has since gone viral.

Other footage has also been widely shared, from vehicles of cars on the road at the time of the incident. One video shows the plane parked on the grass median, showing hardly any damage.

Hat’s off to the pilot for bringing it down as safely as he did!