Crazy Stunt Sees Wrestler Slam Opponent Off Roof, Through Glass And Fire


Wrestlers perform some of the gnarliest stunts in sports entertainment, and they constantly seem to push the boundaries further.

In this video deathmatch legend John Zandig hoists Joey Janela off an industrial unit rooftop, and slams him through glass and fire.

Check it out:

Hey @thebadboy732, how was your day?

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I’d have to agree with the crowd on that one in saying ‘Holy shit!’

Incredibly neither of the men are believed to have been hurt, reports the Daily Mirror.

….then this happens

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The match was taking place at Zandig’s Tournament of Survival in New Jersey, and it probably comes as no surprise that following the move he went on to win the match.

Health and safety regulations are probably questionable, but you have to hand it to these guys, they certainly know how to entertain a crowd.