Crazy Video Shows Moment Woman Opened Fire At Purse Snatcher Outside Walmart

Facebook/Marisa Pina

Mobile phone footage shows the moment a woman in the U.S. spotted a man allegedly stealing a purse outside Walmart, so she calmly parked her truck, pulled out her handgun and opened fire on the suspect.

The incident on the outskirts of Waco, Texas (where else?) saw the unidentified woman fire a single shot at Andre Dawson, 27. He wasn’t hit by the bullet but the sound of the gunshot caused him to stumble and fall, at which point he was captured.

Texas law allows gun owners to use deadly force to prevent those fleeing with stolen property – the only problem is, Dawson wasn’t actually holding the purse as he ran.

According to KWTX, Dawson allegedly grabbed the purse from a shopping basket and was chased by a group of men.

The footage, uploaded to Facebook by Marisa Pina, shows Dawson being pinned to the ground as the unidentified armed woman points a handgun at him. She then just casually wanders around with her firearm in hand – a reminder of what a different world America is sometimes!

As of Saturday morning Dawson was in custody at McLennan County Jail on suspicion of theft, but had not yet been charged or arraigned.

Meanwhile, the woman apparently slipped away from the scene when police arrived, before officers could talk to her. The cops are still trying to track her down so they can get her version of events.

We have the sneaking suspicion she subscribes to the old “shoot first, ask questions later” mantra…