Crazy Video Shows Police Detaining Shirtless Man High On Drugs In McDonald’s


A new viral video shows the chaotic scene in a McDonald’s in the U.S. when a group of police officers used force to arrest a shirtless man terrorising customers.

The incredible mobile phone shot footage shows how the incident dramatically escalated in the restaurant in Riverdale, Maryland, as the man suspected of being high on PCP continued to evade arrest and refused to comply with police demands, despite the cops using tasers, batons and pepper spray in an attempt to stop the seemingly drug addled man from wandering around.

The whole thing is pretty brutal – the guy is so out of it that he seems impervious to pain and by the end he’s covered in blood, as the police attempt to get him to stay still for long enough so they can slap the handcuffs on him.

Whether this guy even knows what is going on is debatable but it takes three cops more than 7 minutes to bring him under control and arrest him.

The video also raises the usual questions about police brutality in the U.S., especially why three officers felt it was appropriate to kick a vulnerable man lying on the ground.

Anyway, we expect this lad probably felt this in the morning!