Creepy Clown Posts Chilling Video Message To Local Kids


Most of us can’t decided whether to be freaked out by the creepy clown epidemic, or just annoyed.

But a recent video – titled Hello Kids – posted by the self-titled Doncaster Clown has created even more cause for concern as it directly addresses local children.

The clown live-streamed an eerie video to Facebook as he roamed the deserted streets, clanging against mental railings which echoed into the night.

The clown itself doesn’t appear in the clip, which has had 14,000 views since its was streamed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It is thought the video was shot in Rossington.

Many Doncaster residents have condemned the clown’s actions, with one Facebook user writing, ‘Stupid, sad individual. You must be lacking in something’.


Posted by Doncaster Clown on Friday, 7 October 2016

Another ranted:

Nothing but a pussy and a pansy get a life and get a job or pick on someone your own size u c*nt leave the kids alone or are u scared on what people is own size would do to u

Others wanted to know the clown’s location, either to get a selfie with the individual or to ‘kick his ass’.

One guy even requested a visit, writing ‘Can you come Armthorpe’.

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The creepy clown sightings began months ago across America, where professional clowns even staged a misguided Clown Lives Matter march in protest.

It seems people in Britain have caught the bug too.

Whether it’s all a big hoax or not is yet to be deciphered, but undoubtedly these ‘pranksters’ are inciting fear into local children, which isn’t very funny, if you ask me.