Creepy App That Could Let You ‘Talk With Your Dead Relatives’ In Development

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2017 17:25
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Once again Charlie Brooker’s chilling predictions for the future of technology are unraveling into real life.


In his Be Right Back episode of near-future dystopian series Black Mirror, Brooker provoked thoughts about re-connecting with the dead through AI and social media.

South Korean developers have created an app that creates avatars of dead loved ones allowing people to take selfies with them and even speak to them, the BBC reports.


Eun Jin Lim from company Elrois who are making the app, said:


We actually designed it for someone who has lost in their family. That is from my personal experience, I had a grandmother and she passed away a few years ago and we didn’t have any pictures together.

I can’t take photos with her anymore, so in that case it would be great to use our avatars.

I want to go somewhere great with my precious person and remember it forever.


In order to become an avatar, the people must visit a 3D scanning booth while they are alive, but the company hopes to use such technology on future phones for its endeavors.

When posed with the idea that the memories she was creating were fake, Eun Jin Lim defended the cause, saying the 3D avatars are very realistic and the actual presence of the person is in her mind.

Not quite having a life-like robot delivered to your home, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the pipeline.

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    App creates selfies with avatars of dead relatives