Creepy Video Of Mysterious ‘Human Blubber Monster’ Emerges Online


Bizarre footage of a strange human shaped sea monster swimming in the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean has emerged online. 

Its now being claimed that the colossal humanoid figure, which was captured on an underwater camera but swam away before it could be clearly identified, is the legendary ‘Ningen’, The Mirror reports.

The Ningen are a Japanese myth and are said to be completely white in colour and grow to an estimated length of 20 to 30 meters.

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‘Eyewitnesses’ ( who may have been drinking) describe them having a human-like shape, often with legs, arms, and even five-fingered hands. Apparently they also have fins or a mermaid-like tail instead of legs with their only visible facial features being their eyes and mouth.

The creatures which have supposedly been seen in the Pacific, Antarctic and Atlantic Oceans, are always described as being extraordinarily large according to the totally legitimate site,

Internet-conspiracy-theorists-move-to-debunk-footage-of-mythical-Ningen-sea-creatureYou Tube

However most have debunked the Ningen theory in this particular clip, claiming the footage is fake,

One viewer wrote: “Man, people need to start making some real videos instead of making fake ass videos.” But another disagreed: “A lot of people want to act smart and say it’s fake. Saying it’s another animal or CGI. Admit it’s real.”

Our team of crpto-zoologists, (myself and the guy say next to me) think its a fish but our online degrees from in the field of bullshit haven’t arrived yet, so what do we know?