Crimewatch Actor Becomes Murder Suspect After Footage Is Replayed

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21 years ago Steve Watson landed the part of a suspected murderer on Crimewatch. Fast-forward back to the present and the BBC has re-aired the episode, and the diligent British public couldn’t help but notice Watson’s resemblance to the killer he played.

Watson played the part of the suspected killer of Julie Pacey back in 1994. The mother-of-two died following strangulation and sexual assault, but the case has yet to be solved.

Following new evidence, new leads were appealed for, and the BBC played their part by broadcasting the reconstruction once more last month.

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The Now 53-year-old Watson was then visited by police to undergo DNA testing after viewers reported his uncanny likeness…to himself.

Watson had been told his face would not be shown on the original recording, but it was for a moment, and that same moment made it into the second broadcast too.

It led to abuse in the street, Watson says, all those years ago. And yet again he finds himself at the centre of peoples suspicions.


The father-of-three has been complicit with investigations, and categorically denies any involvement, but he is yet to be cleared by police despite the best part of four weeks passing.

What happens next remains to be seen, but at least it goes to show Crimewatch works to some extent, people clearly watch!

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    Actor who played a murderer on Crimewatch in 1994 ends up being falsely treated as a suspect after viewers said he looked like the killer when BBC replayed it 21 years later