Crisp Sandwich Shops Are Now A Thing Apparently


In possibly the best news you can get on a Saturday morning while nursing a hangover – bar hearing that McDonald’s now delivers, which it doesn’t – England have now opened their first crisp sandwich shop, and it looks epic.

After one opened in Northern Ireland, it was only going to be a matter of time before we got one in England, and residents of Yorkshire can count themselves lucky, with Mr Crisp selling a massive 50 different flavours of crisps, that will all be wedged between white or brown bread.

If that wasn’t enough, prices start at a pound, making it a cheap and tasty option – if a bit calorific.

I mean for me, this is literally amazing. You can obviously make a crisp butty at home, but then again, you can make pretty much any sandwich at home, and it doesn’t stop the ones you buy from the shop tasting far nicer.

Obviously I’ll be making a trip to Yorkshire soon, but after news of the shop went viral, I fully expect to be waiting in a long line.