Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses As Bum, Does Tricks And Asks Girls For Their Numbers



The story, as I’m sure you’re aware, is around seven months old and was all over the internet back in January – but new footage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ventures as a homeless man have just been released.

The Real Madrid number 7 uploaded the finished product to his Facebook page last night and has almost racked up 20 million views in a very short space of time. And it’s no surprise, it’s brilliant for many reasons.

The video shows CR7 being disguised as a homeless man before taking to the streets of Madrid (with a small white dog) to show off and have a kickabout with unsuspecting passers-by. He plays one-two football with older men, displays his keepy up ability and even asks one passing brunette for her number – we assume she was horrified once she realised who it was.

Ronny finally breaks his character in typical Cristiano fashion when he unveiled himself to the little lad who stopped for a kickabout with him. He quickly signs the ball before being mobbed my smartphones, then makes a swift exit. Fair play, mate, now try that in Manchester, I’m sure the reactions will be pretty varied!