Cristiano Ronaldo’s Six-Year-Old Son Is As Good At Free Kicks As Him

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Cristiano Ronaldo has shared a video of his six-year-old scoring one hell of a free kick – proving once and for all that talent can be passed on genetically.

The Real Madrid striker was filming his son, confusingly also called Cristiano Ronaldo, during a kids’ match in Spain when he captured him scoring.

Cristiano Ronaldo junior isn’t exactly on the halfway line or anything but he’s only six so this is still very impressive:

so proud of my little man❤️what a goal??⚽️siii

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It’s a pretty good imitation of his dad’s world-renowned free-kick skills.

The video has been watched over six million times on Instagram. Mostly by me, cursing my life for not being born to a supremely talented footballer.

Although, my mum is a hairdresser so on the basis of this video alone I could probably set up my own barber shop without any training.

Obviously Cristiano Ronaldo Junior has probably had a bit of instruction from his dad, and numerous others, so I’m probably being a bit unfair on the lad’s hard work by attributing all his skills to genes.

He even has the same iconic pre-freekick stance as his famous father:

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Seriously impressive stuff though. Looks like we might have another footballing dynasty on our hands for years to come.