CrossFit Owner Faces Backlash For Secretly Filming Women On Instagram


A CrossFit gym owner in North Carolina has been blasted online for ‘treating women like meat’ after he posted a series of photos and videos online of their bodies as they worked out in his gym.

For some reason, which I’m entirely befuddled by, the gym owner, Tom Tomlo Jr, thought it was completely fine to take the photos and upload them to the Blue Ridge CrossFit Instagram page.

The clips show three different women, all clad in leggings, bent over workout equipment with their bums in the air.

Above their bottoms were peach and love-heart emoji’s and also wrote captions such as, ‘dayum’ and ‘humpday’, reports the Citizen Times.

Another woman who attends the gym saw the photos on Instagram and screen-shotted them before posting them to the gym’s Facebook page, writing:

This is not okay.

Blue Ridge CrossFit/Facebook
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As you can probably imagine, the post quickly gained a lot of traction with most people condemning Tomlo for his incredibly inappropriate behaviour.

As if this story couldn’t get any worse for Tomlo, when he saw the amount of hate he was getting for posting the photos, he took to Facebook himself and lambasted everyone who’d told him he was way out of order.

In the post, written under the name, Blue-rijj Koche, he wrote:

It’s been brought to my attention some people chose to get butt hurt today and make a public post in this group also some other bullsh*t in private.

You must have lost your f*cking mind if, for one moment, you think this is a platform or community for you to create some bullsh*t like that. No one in this establishment has the green light on that.

I do not play those games and we do not acknowledge that type of petty, feeble-minded garbage.

If there is something you disagree with so tremendously you feel the urge to make it public or choose to be offended etc. you have two choices, one set a meeting to discuss with myself or find a place that is a better fit for you.

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After receiving even more serious backlash from the media and seemingly calming down a tad, Tomlo spoke again with News 13, explaining:

We do pictures of guys’ butts around here, we have an informal loving family and it’s not a negative thing.

We were having fun. We were videoing, talking about booties that day.

I can’t control the way this is being portrayed and I’m regretful for it. Someone took offence to it. They took a picture of it and put it in a way, I can see how it would be misunderstood.

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However the former lead membership administrator at the gym, Amanda Turlington, claims Tomlo had been told by staff the videos were not okay and over half of the gym staff felt uncomfortable about them – but ‘he wouldn’t hear any of it’.

What’s your opinion on the matter?