Crowd Chants ‘Shame’ At Women Who Allegedly Complained About Lesbian Couple Kissing

by : Hannah Smith on : 03 Jun 2021 15:34
Crowd Chants 'Shame' At Women Who Allegedly Complained About Lesbian Couple Kissing@DLamontJenkins/Twitter

A group of women have been given the ‘Cersei Lannister treatment’ after they apparently tried to stop a Black lesbian couple from kissing at a pool.

The incident occurred at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, California, where the white women reportedly become irate after seeing the couple kissing in front of their children.


Rather than let the blatant homophobia slide, others in the crowd leapt to the couple’s defense by taking a leaf from Game of Thrones. In a video filmed by someone at the pool, swimmers can be heard shouting ‘Shame’ as the women file past to leave.

Posting on Instagram, Art Kaligos wrote ‘This woman asked a female couple to stop kissing in a public pool because her kids were present. So we gave her the Cersei Lannister treatment while they were escorted out by security. SHAME!!’


While most of the women seem embarrassed by the situation, some front up to the crowd, with one calling them – apparently in earshot of the children – ‘f***ing losers’ and ‘f***ing a**holes.’

In a statement to the Daily Dot, Kaligos said the Black lesbian couple had been ‘singled out’ by the women, who had tried to get security to remove them from the pool.

One of the women who was targeted by the group, Dominque Veasley, said she believes the incident wouldn’t have happened if she was straight. ‘This is not okay anymore, it’s 2021,’ she told CBS 13, adding: ‘It would’ve been a beautiful moment for her to teach about love to her kids but instead she decided to sexualize two women.’


Veasley said she called out one of the women in the group, asking her, ‘Are you on board? Are you on board with this homophobia with this hint of racism that I feel like I’m picking up?’

Another witness, Georgy Avakov, told CBS 13: ‘The white women specifically targeted [Veasley] and her friend, despite at least a dozen straighter, non-black couples and parents also in the pool and at the bar at the time, who were being just as affectionate.

Dominique Veasley was harassed by women at a pool (CBS13 Local)CBS13 Local

‘It is impossible not to be inspired by her courage, or disturbed by the unprovoked harassment she faced, all while just trying to enjoy a fun afternoon swim with a girlfriend at a hotel pool bar.’


In a statement, a spokesperson for the hotel said: ‘The Sawyer does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind. An unfortunate disagreement between guests occurred at our pool over the holiday weekend and the matter has since been resolved.’

Featured Image Credit: @DLamontJenkins/Twitter

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