Croydon Cat Killer ‘Strikes Again’ As Another Cat’s Body Is Discovered

by : Hannah Smith on : 06 Nov 2021 16:59

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Croydon Cat Killer 'Strikes Again' As Another Cat's Body Is DiscoveredAlamy

Police say a cat found dead in Dorset may be the work of the ‘Croydon Cat Killer’.


The cat, a 10-year-old silver tabby named Alley, was discovered in a garden in Christchurch on Tuesday, November 2, and brought to a local vets, who were left to inform the distraught owner.

Emma Blehs, 40, said she was told that her cat’s body had been found without its head or its tail, with animal charities claiming that the incident bore similarities to other cases linked to the Croydon Cat Killer – a hypothetical individual or group of people thought to be responsible for hundreds of animal murders over the past seven years.

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‘I have contacted the police, RSPCA and SNARL, who are investigating the cat killer. They say that the fact Alley was missing her head and tail is the killer’s signature as he keeps trophies,’ Blehs said, per Metro.


‘I have been warned that Alley’s head may turn up in the neighbouring gardens in the next few days fresh, following cold storage. This monster needs to be stopped.’

Since 2014 more than 700 cats have been discovered dismembered or decapitated across England. While the majority of killings have taken place in south London, the alleged killer is said by animal charity SNARL to have struck as far afield as Manchester.

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SNARL co-founder Tom Jenkins said:


I have spoken to Emma and the vets and from preliminary investigations Alley’s death does sound like the work of the Croydon Cat Killer. Their trademark is to cut off the [head] and tail and then display the animal to inflict maximum trauma on the owner.

I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve struck since 2014. They don’t just kill cats, they do foxes and rabbits as well. There must be 1,000 cases and maybe 70 to 80 per cent are cat killings.


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Dorset Police confirmed they believed the cat had been killed ‘deliberately’, saying in a statement that ‘enquiries into the matter are ongoing’.

Alley’s death comes just weeks after another cat, named Treacle, was discovered without a head in Weymouth, around 30 miles from Christchurch.

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