Cruel Teacher Screams At Young Girl Then Rips Up Her Work


Disturbing footage has emerged of a teacher screaming at a young child and ripping up her homework because she got a maths problem wrong.

The shocking video – which was secretly filmed by an unknown staff member –  shows teacher Charlotte Dial humiliating the six-year-old girl in front of the entire class after she makes a mistake, reports the New York Times.

In the video the young girl can be seen sitting in front of the teacher, who shouts: “Count it again, making sure you count it correctly.” She then says ‘count’ again but whispers it in a menacing fashion.

In an unbelievably harsh show of cruelty, she then rips up the young student’s piece of paper in front of the whole class when she repeatedly gets it wrong and shouts: “Go to the calm-down chair and sit.”

She can be heard telling the rest of the class, in a stern voice:

There’s nothing that infuriates me more than when you don’t do what’s on your paper.


The video was reportedly taken by a former teaching assistant at Success Academy in Brooklyn in 2014 but was only published by the New York Times this week.

According to the report, Dial was suspended after her employers saw the video last month – however she returned to work just over a week later.

Success Academy leader Eva S. Moskowitz referred to the video as an ‘anomaly’ and some parents said the clip did not reflect their experience of the school.


But both former and present staff at the Academy told the New York Times that the teacher’s behaviour was extreme but not unique.

Former employee Jessica Reid Sliwerski said that,embarrassing or belittling children for work seen as slipshod was a regular occurrence, and in some cases encouraged by network leaders.

“It’s this culture of, If you’ve made them cry, you’ve succeeded in getting your point across,” she said.