Cyber Thieves Stole A Huge Database Of Wetherspoon Customer Details


If you’ve ever been to Wetherspoon – so that’s pretty much everyone – then a cyber attack on the popular pub’s online data banks might have given away your details.

The attack happened some time between the June 15th – 17th, but went undetected until recently. It’s thought 656,723 JD Wetherspoon staff and customer’s details have been accessed through an old database, but the chain has assured people that “no financial data was involved in the hacking and no passwords were obtained.”

The Register

Around 100 customer’s who bought Wetherspoon vouchers online before August 2014 did have their debit card information accessed by thieves. According to Wetherspoon though, only the last four digits of these accounts were stolen and “as a result, these credit/debit card details cannot, on their own, be used for fraudulent purposes.”

Wetherspoon’s Chief Executive John Hutson said:

We apologise wholeheartedly to customers and staff who have been affected. Unfortunately, hacking is becoming more and more sophisticated and widespread. We are determined to respond to this by increasing our efforts and investment in security and will be doing everything possible to prevent a recurrence.


Wetherspoon have notified the Information Commissioner’s Office, and have been telling affected customers this week via email.