Cyclist Attacked And Killed At Work By Bear

bear faceWikimedia

In perhaps some of the scariest news of the day, authorities in Montana are currently searching for a grizzly bear which is believed to have attacked and killed a cyclist yesterday.

The cyclist was riding in the Flathead national forest just outside of the Glacier national park, reports the BBC.

Although at the moment the details surrounding the incident are a tad blurry, it is thought that the bear chased after two cyclists who had disturbed it, before finally isolating one of the cyclists and dragging him off while the other rode off to find help.


The captured cyclist was then killed and later identified as 38-year-old, Brad Treat, an officer with the U.S. Forest Service, Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry told Daily Inter

Curry added:

Brad was an integral member of our area law enforcement team and a friend to us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight.

Bear attacks are rare in the area with only 10 deaths reported since the park was created in 1910.

Worryingly, just last week, a helmet camera caught the dramatic moment a cyclist crashed into a bear while cycling down a hill in California.

In the video, which Davis posted to Instagram, he speeds round a corner into a shaded area, where he slams into a small bear which knocks him off his bike.

Stunned and shaken, he looks back up the trail – however, the presumably slightly concussed bear is nowhere to be seen.

Our thoughts go out to Brad’s friends and family at this difficult time.