Cyclist Celebrates Victory One Lap Too Early, Loses Race


Adama Toupalik is an excellent cyclist, but sadly his ability to count leaves a lot to be desired.

The 19-year-old was competing in Belgium at the Under-23s Men’s Cyclocross World Championship yesterday, and he came agonisingly close to claiming the title.

Sadly for Toupalik he’d got the maths wrong.

Embarrassingly, he celebrates crossing the line one lap too early and, despite screaming fans and stewards gesturing for him to continue, the penny doesn’t drop for quite some time.

Check it out:

Well, that was awkward.

If you didn’t stick with the video for the remainder of the race, Toupalik somehow manages to reclaim first spot, only to lose it just metres from the finish.

Belgium’s Eli Iserbyt snatched glory, leaving a devastated Toupalik in his wake.


After the race, Toupalik was reportedly very candid about his grotesque fuck up.

He said:

I heard someone shouting ‘last round’ and I thought that was it.

It was my mistake. I celebrated one lap before the finish. I would never have thought I could do something like that. Unfortunately I did.

It’s terrible because I know I could have won it and I’ve been waiting to win this race since I was a junior. I am an idiot – nothing more, nothing less.

That is a pretty fair assessment, although at 19, time is on his side for another title tilt.

Chin up fella.