Cyclist Fed Up With Waiting For Bomb Squad Empties Bag Himself

Cyclist inspects suspicious picturesToday's TMJ4

An exasperated cyclist took things into his own hands when he became fed up of waiting for a bomb squad to investigate a suspicious package.

On Wisconsin Avenue, in Milwaukee, shortly before 7am yesterday (May 22), a suspicious bag was reported to the police after someone spotted it sitting on top of an electrical box.

As officers blocked off the road with tape – as a safety precaution – people were forced to wait for the bomb squad to arrive to analyse the bag’s contents before they could continue on their journeys.

However, as seen in the footage below, one impatient cyclist couldn’t wait, deciding to empty the contents of the bag himself:

In the video you can see the bag being moved from the box onto the intersection by an officer in protective armour.

As road users are forced to wait, one man could be seen brazenly getting off his bike next to the yellow tape.

Racing over to the bag, the unknown man picks it up and tips out the contents onto the street.

Shaking the bag empty, a water bottle, items of clothing and various smaller items could be seen falling from it onto the road.

cyclist tackled by officers over suspicious packageToday's TMJ4

It doesn’t take too long for officers to tackle the man to the ground before handcuffing him.

As the bomb squad and police remained at the scene, the man was taken by an FBI officer into custody.

Speaking to Today’s TMJ4, an eyewitness described the incident:

If I would have saw him coming down the sidewalk earlier, I would have tried to stop him. It’s a scary situation. [sic]

You don’t know if it’s a bomb or backpack. When he went and did it, I thought oh no. It’s not going to end well. It’s going to end bad.

Some water bottles came out and they were aluminium or stainless steel. You don’t know they were just water bottles. It could have been a bomb device there. [sic]

Officers tackle man over suspicious packageToday's TMJ4

Another witness added:

He rode past me and was saying, ‘I’m going to defuse this situation’.

I was concerned for everyone still around but really concerned for him. He was not acting in his right mind.

Milwaukee Police have not yet released any further information about the incident.

bomb squad inspecting a roadside bombWikimedia

Two years ago, a bomb squad was called to a German games arcade as a concerned member of staff heard a buzzing noise from a bin.

As the squad arrived, the building and neighbouring offices were all evacuated while disposal experts analysed the scene.

As roads were closed, 90 people were taken away to safety, but the threat appeared to be nothing more than a vibrating cock ring.

As reported by The Telegraph, the alert was called off fifteen minutes later.

Chief Inspector Peter Hartmann said:

There are clear guidelines for situations like this which the police must follow. Caution is advisable in an unclear and potentially dangerous situation.

But there are concerns the scare may have been caused deliberately and will be investigated further.

It’s not clear who left the device there, but whoever it was certainly do so intentionally. A criminal police investigation is underway in this regard.

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