Cyclist Films Moron Shoving Her Off Her Bike And Into Oncoming Traffic

by : UNILAD on : 25 Aug 2015 17:58


A cyclist in her 40s caught the moment a man pushed her off her bike on video.


Police are now looking for the man in the footage, who stepped out and shoved her into the road.

In the video, the woman is seen riding along, when the man steps out and crosses the road. She sarcastically says ‘please don’t knock me off’ to the guy.

A few seconds later, the guy chases after her and kicks off.

Come on then, you fucking mug. You wanna put your finger up at me? You mug. Come on! Come on!


While shouting this at the woman, he pushes her off her bike and into the road, where you can see traffic coming up behind her.

What a tough guy.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

Police were called to reports of a female cyclist assaulted on Sidney Street, off Whitechapel Road shortly after 18:00hrs on Friday, 1 May.

The man swore at her and chased her down the street. He shouted at her and then pushed her off her bike into the path of passing traffic.

Fortunately, she managed to get out of the road and move herself and her bike to safety out of the way of moving traffic.

The woman was very upset following the assault but did not require medical attention.

The man said she put the finger up at him, which can’t be seen on camera. But even if she did, it hardly warrants this kind of reaction.


What a dickhead.

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