Cyclist Miraculously Escapes Death From Out Of Control Van

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2016 14:17


This is the terrifying moment a man in China was caught on camera coming incredibly close to being killed by an out-of-control van.


In the short clip, the cyclist can be seen slowing down at a zebra crossing as he waits to cross, however – out of the camera’s view – a van loses control and can be seen only for seconds as it flips and ploughs seemingly right through the cyclist.

However, as the van crashes to the cyclist’s right, the man on the bike can be seen, seemingly unharmed, suggesting the van miraculously flipped into the air and missed the cyclist’s head by mere millimetres, reports the Daily Mail.


Apparently, the incident took place on July 10 in Suzhou, east China.


It is reported that the driver of the van, who can be seen emerging from the vehicle following the horrific crash, immediately fled the scene, but he was located by police just two hours later.

According to numerous reports, he was driving without a license and had numerous prior convictions.


I still can’t believe how lucky that cyclist was. Cycle fast and far away young warrior, for you have seen another day.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Now THAT'S a narrow escape! Cyclist miraculously survives after an out-of-control van spun towards him and flew over his head - missing him by inches