Cyclists Might Soon Require A License Like Other Road Users



Australia are looking to introduce a new scheme, requiring cyclists to have a licence, similar to a car driver.

New South Wales is bringing in harsh fines and penalties for cyclists, and as such, the idea of cycling licenses has come about. It’d mean that anybody riding a bike aged over 18 would need to carry their photo ID license with them.

It’s not entirely clear just what they will entail, or how it will be enforced, but Roads Minister Duncan Gay said that he is ‘increasingly persuaded’ by the idea.

Campaign groups, however, are not fussed, and the Bicycle Network has told members that it won’t be backing or supporting the idea.

Personally, I find the idea far fetched. While some cyclists are plonkers on the road, it would be pretty impossible to enforce licenses. Although, if it stops dickheads like this, they might not necessarily be a bad thing.

What do you think?