Dad Couldn’t Work Out Daughter’s ‘Rude’ Artwork Until He Flipped It


A shocked dad has shared a picture of his daughter’s ‘rude’ artwork that we’re not convinced anyone would stick on the fridge door.

Taking to Reddit to share his daughter’s accidentally filthy picture, he admitted it took him some time to work out what it was she had drawn.

He wrote:

My kid created what I thought was an angry-rage-boner-poop-fly guy…

Looking at the picture I’m pretty sure you can see how he came to that conclusion…


I mean, it does look like a winged turd with its cock out but if you flip the image upside down it becomes clear what the little girl was trying to draw.

Yep the worried dad had the drawing upside down…


When flipped upside down it becomes clear that the supposed penis is in fact eyes and a nose and that his little girl wasn’t drawing flying faeces but instead the book character Fly Guy.

Here’s what he should look like…

Tedd Arnold - Fly Guy

The dad found the situation pretty funny joking that he and his wife planned on keeping the drawing for her high school graduation poster.

Classic dad move…