Dad Destroys Son’s Xbox As Punishment For Stealing

Dad destroys XboxViralHog

Some parents are way more strict than others, wanting to instil a sense of lawfulness in their offspring.

Most of the time this is just a time out in their room or a temporary TV ban. However, some parents take a far more no nonsense approach…

One dad shocked the internet with his extreme disciplinary attitude, filming himself destroying his son’s Xbox in a video which has since gone viral.

Dad destroys XboxViralHog

In the footage, the dad can be shown brandishing the Xbox while his young son cowers in the corner, apparently ashamed of his actions.

The kid had apparently been repeatedly blamed stealing on his siblings. However, he had finally been caught red handed after his parents set a trap.

His dad gives him two choices for his punishment: an ‘ass whooping’ or his Xbox.

You can check out the dramatic scene for yourself below:

Storming from the home, the dad demands his son follow him, commanding, ‘get your ass over here!’

He then gets into a car parked on the drive, with the Xbox placed sickeningly under one of the back tyres. There is a horrible cracking sound as the dad reverses over the games console, shattering it to pieces.

The scolded kid can be heard weeping in the background as his toy is obliterated beyond recognition. Meanwhile, one of his siblings can be heard yelling ‘that was awesome!’ with great enthusiasm.

The footage then shows the young boy lying on the floor of the house, sobbing uncontrollably as one of his giggling siblings whacks him with a cushion.

Xbox carViralHog

This video has certainly sparked a lot of debate over the appropriate level of punishment for a young child.

Some fellow parents have applauded this father’s attitude, and believe this incident will teach the boy a valuable lesson.

One person praised:

This is good old discipline, like it should be! If every stealing brat got a proper lesson from their dad like this, we`d have half as many punks in our jails right now.

Another said:

All these people saying he wasted $300 I’m pretty sure many parents would pay $300 gladly for their kid to learn a lesson and not go to jail.

Xbox carViralHog

However, others felt sympathy for the youngster and felt the life lesson could have been delivered in a kinder way.

One disapproving person said:

This is terrible, discipline is not that, it is showing your kids who is boss and setting the example they should follow, like for example something they can know is the proper way for their children. This is just abuse.

Another commented:

Seriously? that’s actually child abuse, of course it’s wrong that he’s stealing, but you ground him, or take his Xbox away for a month, you don’t destroy someone’s property, and yes, it was his property, since the parents gave it to him, doesn’t matter who bought it, if it was given to you, it’s yours.

Xbox car

Did this stern dad go too far?

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