Dad F*cks Up, Invites 1.2 Million People To His Daughter’s Birthday


More than 1 million people said they would show up to the birthday party of a 15-year-old girl after her dad’s video invite went viral.

Police in Mexico are being deployed to Crescencio Ibarra’s coming-of-age party for his daughter Rubi which was supposed to be for the close family and friends in the community of La Joya.

In the video, which is humorously serious, Crescencio makes the rookie error of saying ‘hereby everyone is cordially invited’.

This poor parent, like many out there, just didn’t quite understand Facebook and accidentally posted the video to the public.

As we know, the internet is riddled with trolls who shared the video to more than 1.2 million people who intend on attending the celebration in a field in their Mexican field.

…and then the memes rolled in. This one reads ‘Sign me up for Ruby’s 15th’.


Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal even impersonated Mr Ibarra in a sketch on a TV comedy show.

Even an airline is joining in, offering 30% discount for flights to the nearest village, concerning local authorities that thousands of people may turn up on Boxing Day.


The dad is simply perplexed by the response, saying ‘we wanted to invite people from the area, that’s all.’

The Red Cross has been alerted and police deployed…I feel like police in Mexico should have better things to do.