Dad Finds 15 Ft Python Trying To Drag His Terrified Son Away

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Dec 2019 10:31
Dad saves son from 15ft python7News

A horrified dad in Australia had to rush to the rescue when he found a 15-foot-long python latched on to the leg of his four-year-old son. 

Dad Evan Thompson had been hanging out with his friends and family in the back garden of his new home in Airlie Beach, Queensland, northeast Australia, on Thursday, December 19, when the incident took place.


The group were heading inside after a day in the pool when they were startled by a scream and Evan turned to see the massive scrub python with its jaws around his son Clifford’s leg.

You can see the dad discuss the ordeal below. Warning: Graphic Content:


Recalling the incident to 7News, the dad said:


I just heard this bunch of screaming. I instantly turned around and just saw what was happening.

It was just a massive snake. It’s head was very big and was latched onto his leg.

The terrified youngster was clinging on to the boardwalk but to the family’s horror the snake was attempting to pull him into the bush beyond.

Massive python that attempted to drag away four-year-old7News

Evan acted on instinct and sprinted over the huge reptile before punching it directly in the head. His efforts proved successful for a moment but the python didn’t give up.


The dad continued:

It let go, which was great. But as soon as it’s leg go, it’s curled right back up and went straight and bit him again on the upper right leg.

At that stage, it started to yank him back further and I could see it start to cause a significant cut to his leg.

I could see he was getting pulled underneath into the bush, which is the last place I wanted him to be.

Dad who rescued son from 15 foot python7News

In an effort to prevent his son experiencing any more harm, the brave father grabbed the snake’s jaw and yanked it back as hard as he could, away from Clifford’s leg.


The reptile’s head ‘popped off’ its victim and the four-year-old made a run for it, but still the snake persisted.

Evan knew he was up against a viscous opponent, explaining:

The snaked dropped back down and tried to get back onto the boardwalk at my son.

I had to run around, grab it on the tail, and just pull this thing away from Clifford as it was constantly trying to get back at him.

At that stage, I’m screaming out. I can’t do this on my own.

Dad and son in hospital after being attacked by snake7News

Thankfully Evan’s friends came to his aid and together they killed the snake. The father said he’s ‘never seen a snake that aggressive’ or determined.

Clifford was taken to hospital after the incident and he is currently recovering from a deep leg laceration.

Four year old in hospital after being attacked by snake7News

Evan expressed pride at how his son dealt with the terrifying ordeal, commenting:

He’s been quite well actually. He’s a tough kid. He’s tough as nails. It’s just good to have him up and going.

It wasn’t a minor incident. Even for us adults, it shook us up a bit.

The family had only moved into the north Queensland home five days prior to the attack, but thanks to Evan’s heroic actions hopefully they’ll be able to continue settling in without any further incident.

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