Dad Finds Just One Wotsit In Air-Filled Bag

by : Cameron Frew on : 10 Sep 2019 17:59
Dad Finds Just One Wotsit In Air-Filled BagDad Finds Just One Wotsit In Air-Filled BagSWNS

A dad-of-two has been left bewildered after his bag of Wotsits only had one single Wotsit inside. 


It’s 13.30; you’ve just finished your sandwich and took a big swig of your juice. You’re ready for your next course – the crisps. You grab them, but to your concern, the bag is very light.

Andy Stubbs, 43, was faced with this lunchtime mystery recently, as his puffed-up bag contained a single Wotsit.

Check out the video below:


It was clear Stubbs, from Sidcup, south-east London, had a unique bag of crisps on his hands.

Stubbs said:

It’s not often you get a one-Wotsit bag of Wotsits, is it? Lo and behold – when I held the bag, I could feel it was full of air. I shook it around, and realised there might only have been one Wotsit inside. So I showed it to [his wife] Jane and the boys, and we all cried our eyes out.

Should make it clear that the crying was from laughter, not utter despair at the lack of Wotsits.

Man Finds Single WotsitMan Finds Single WotsitSWNS

The software developer had bought a multi-pack of crisps in June. When he started to suspect there was only a single Wotsit, his kids – Oscar, nine, and Harry, five – but Stubbs wanted to keep it.

Stubbs continued: 

Harry really wanted to open the bag, mostly because he wanted to eat it. But I said that it would be funnier to keep it as a memento.

When I opened it, there was something slightly anti-climactic about it. We’d known for a while there was probably just one Wotsit.

Man Finds Single WotsitMan Finds Single WotsitSWNS

While he said he felt a little put out by the bag, he added that ‘it didn’t stop the whole thing from being funny’. The Wotsit also felt stale – ‘I wouldn’t let my son eat that,’ Stubbs said.

Clarifying Stubbs’ puzzlement at how the crisp-bags are filled, a Walkers spokesperson said: ‘Our packets are filled by weight. We’d ask anyone who is dissatisfied with a product to get in touch with our Consumer Services team, who’ll be very happy to help.’

Walkers… Wotsit all about?

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