Dad Gets One Direction Tattoo To Win Contest, Realises Far Too Late He’s Disqualified From Competition

by : UNILAD on : 08 Aug 2015 15:37

A father of a young One Direction fan recently got a tattoo dedicated to the band in a misguided attempt to win VIP tickets to one of their shows.


Unfortunately, the Dad realised far, far too late that he wasn’t actually eligible to win the contest, because he isn’t a permanent resident of Indiana.

37-year-old Roger Fraser, from Tennessee, tried to enter a competition run by local Indiana radio station 99.5 WZPL, who were calling for fathers to dress up like members of the boy band.

And, in an overzealous attempt to win the contest, Fraser opted to be permanently inked with the message “I ❤ 1D” as he tried to really stand out from the crowd.

However, Fraser was unable to actually enter the contest as he’s not a permanent resident of the state, as required in the fine print of the competition. Oops!


Still, the unfortunate father seems to have taken the hilarious mistake in his stride and tweeted his error for all to see:


Fraser and his daughter Makayla, 14, did eventually attend the gig but not with VIP access.

But Fraser doesn’t regret his mistake and told ABC News that the tattoo had brought him and his daughter closer together.

He said:

I got involved with something that they love. And it’s brought us together even closer than we ever were. We didn’t get to meet One Direction. We didn’t go on stage or get front row. But the reward has been all the memories that we’ve made.

To be fair, after this level of accidental commitment to the band, maybe the One Direction boys do owe Fraser and Makayla a meeting soon. Make it happen, lads!

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    Dad gets One Direction tattoo to win VIP tickets then realises he's disqualified from contest