Dad Goes To Extreme Lengths To Stop His Son From Vaping


A father who tried to teach his son a valuable lesson about making responsible choices may have gone a bit too far…

The caring dad opted to use tough love tactics in a bid to put his son off vaping by pissing in the poor boy’s liquid nicotine ‘juice’, the Mirror reports.

In a Reddit post, the anonymous 18-year-old claimed his father ‘marked his territory’ after his mum found his vape pen and gave it to his dad to destroy.

Rather than smash the E-cig though, like any normal overprotective dad, the piddling parent went one step further and urinated in the juice, placed it back in the cupboard and then texted his son the words: “The world is my toilet.”


Sadly, his son missed the rather unsubtle hint and proceeded to enjoy the experience of breathing in great steamy clouds of his dear dad’s vaporised piss.

The devastated teenager went to Reddit to share his story where he wrote:”I’m livid right now and don’t know what to do, knowing that i lost my Kangertech Subox Mini [a type of vape pen], my Horizon arctic tank, and $20 in juice – along with the fact that I vaped my own father’s piss.”

Hundreds of concerned Redditors then began to offer responsible and practical advice on how to respond.

One Redditor suggested shitting in his dad’s coffee, while others told the boy to move away from home immediately as it was ‘disturbing’.

Even we have to admit the dad was taking the piss a bit…