Dad Of Man Shot On M62 Breaks Silence With Warning To Police


The father of the man shot dead by officers on the M62 has demanded answers from the police.

28-year-old Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, who has been described as a ‘major drugs baron’, was fatally shot on Monday night by police during a ‘pre-planned operation’ after officers received a tip-off he was carrying a gun.

The death, which is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, sparked protests in Bradford.

An emotional vigil of around 150 people was held Wednesday night for Yassar. A handwritten banner, which was taped to a signpost along with flowers read: “Stop police assassinations.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Yassar’s father, Mohammed Yaqub, said he had ‘run out of tears’.

He added:

I want answers from the police, from all the relevant bodies that can give me answers. That’s why we’ve got a solicitor involved. The truth will be revealed.

Yaqub also told reporters he is ‘well aware of what happened with Mark Duggan,’ a man shot dead by police in 2011.

He said:

How can you justify it – it is just impossible. He was driving down, he was cornered, and bearing in mind it was dark, how could you have seen what he was doing.

And it is not right that the police weren’t wearing body cameras. Of course I want answers for what has happened. I will go privately if I have to, in the end I need to find out.


Former associates and neighbours have portrayed Yassar as a drug dealer, but his father said he had ‘never been convicted of any drugs or firearms offence’.

He is also alleged to have laundered the profits from selling drugs through his sale of high-performance cars.

Yassar leaves behind a wife and two young children.