Dad Pretends To Be 11-Year-Old Daughter To Beat Up Alleged Paedophile Messaging Her

Walter Martin Rodríguez/Facebook

A dad was pretending to be his 11-year-old daughter so he could catch her alleged adult stalker and confront him.

Walter Martín Rodríguez posed as his daughter after he discovered she was being harassed by 29-year-old Germán Acosta via WhatsApp, so he could identify him and have him arrested.

However when he did finally meet up with him at an agreed meeting place, he gave Acosta a beating instead.

Rodríguez’s daughter was reportedly receiving constant messages from Acosta, all of which were of a sexual nature and highly inappropriate to be sending to a minor – in some of the messages, he was asking the 11-year-old to send over nude pictures of herself.

Furthermore, it was discovered Acosta was sending pictures of his penis to her. She told her father, Walter Martín, who began to pose as her in order to find out who was sending these messages.

Acosta sent messages to Rodríguez’s daughter, unaware it was actually him receiving the messages, asking her to meet him and tell people she was meeting a friend in Palermo.

Posted by Walter Martin Rodriguez on Saturday, 10 February 2018

Speaking to Argentinian news channel Tele13, as reported by El Mundo, Rodríguez said:

First he told me to go to his house and he gave me the address, after we could not go to his house because his mother was there and we met at the corner of the car dealership.

The two agreed to meet at the Villa Crespo, a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

When the two eventually met up, Rodríguez ‘severely’ beat Acosta, before exposing his identity on Facebook.

Posted by Walter Martin Rodriguez on Saturday, 10 February 2018

He told Minuto Uno:

The truth is that I went to kill him (…) I didn’t think about it, I was taken out, the police separated me, but I left him dumb.

The truth is that I did not think much, I wanted to know how far I could go, I told him I was 11 years old, my daughter’s age and he sent me pictures of his member and told me that it did not matter that he was going to be my teacher and he was going to teach me, any father who puts himself in my place would have done the same.

Posted by Walter Martin Rodriguez on Saturday, 10 February 2018

Police were soon called to the scene and they arrested Acosta, however, he was later released.

Law officials are now looking into two cases,  one for assault (Rodríguez) and another for grooming (Acosta).

As stated before, Rodríguez uploaded pictures of Acosta, after he left him in a bloody mess – as well as the back-and-forth messaging between the two where he posed as his daughter, onto Facebook.

In a statement to Radio 10 in Argentina, he claims: ‘I know another father would have killed him [Acosta]’.

If Acosta is convicted he could be staring at a prison sentence ranging between six months to four years.