Dada 5000 Embarrassingly KO’d By Kimbo Slice In Shockingly Poor Fight


A fight that has been nearly a decade in the making, hyped on an overwhelming sense of bad blood between the fighters ended in embarrassing fashion last night.

Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 was supposed to showcase two of the world’s best converted street fighters.

All it actually did was prove how one dimensional their games are with both fighters looking pretty much gassed out without a single round being completed.

Slice emerged victorious, but the way Dada went down exhausted summed the fight up.

Cardio was apparently not a priority for either fighter then.

MMA fans and pundits quickly took to social media to vent their disappointment:

Worryingly Dada 5000 had to be removed from the octagon via stretcher before heading to hospital.

So the exhaustion was clearly very real.

Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery, but never subjects fans to a fight like that again.

If you can bear it here is a full replay:

These guys owe me 15 minutes of my life back.