Dad’s Response To ‘Stink Bomb’ Underneath His Car Seat Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Dad's reaction to stink bomb is priceless.ViralHog

One dad from Texas was in for a smelly surprise after his daughter and son-in-law played a prank on him, and his reaction was hilarious.


Spraying ‘Liquid Ass’ on a paper towel, the mischievous couple then placed the offensively stinky item under the dad’s car seat before they all headed out for a family drive together.

They then waited with baited – and no doubt firmly held – breath for how he would respond…


The footage, which has since gone viral, begins with the dad looking questioningly around him as he picks up a nasty scent inside the vehicle.

Clutching a snowcone in one hand, he exclaims in a strong West Texas accent:

Goddamn. What the f*ck? Did you sh*t in your f*cking pants? God DAMN! What is that?!

Barely able to speak through her laughter, his daughter – who is gleefully and secretly filming the entire incident – replies:

I don’t know!

The dad continued to look between the two passengers dubiously, asking his son-in-law:


Did you sh*t? Is that a fart? That smells just like f*cking dog sh*t.

Looking genuinely unnerved, he continued to enquire:

GODDAMN. Is you stomach okay?

In a flurry of continuous ‘goddamnns’ the day sprays air freshener around the vehicle and winds down the window, advising:

Mother f*cker needs to go to the hospital.

The highly amused prankster daughter later said:


My husband and I played a prank on my dad this weekend while out for our weekly ride and snowcone. Only 1 spray of Liquid Ass on a paper towel was dropped behind the driver’s seat.

Dad’s reaction paired with his West Texas accent is golden.

People have been unable to stop laughing at the sight of the flabbergasted father staring around suspiciously as he tries to figure out who or what is emitting the foul odour.

One person chuckled:

Omg! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard…does he always roll with a can of air freshener in the car??? Oh hell..I am dying.

Another chortled:

The number of God Damn in this video is …well, God Damn high.

Others used the opportunity to share stink bomb stories of their own, with one person revealing:

I set a bottle under a guys seat in a truck with the lid loose

He drove over 12 hrs on the highway with that smell and the entire bottle emptied in a small cab of a five ton truck.

I felt sorry after it was really bad. It took removing the seat and scrubbing the floors and it still smelled horrible for over a week after. I almost got fired for that one.

Another proud stinker confessed:

The first time I farted in front of my husband was when we first started dating. I waited for him to go to sleep and let it rip! It woke him up it smelt so bad.

I blamed it on him! I said OH Babe, you farted in your sleep! He knows the truth now. I hot box him!

Do you reckon you can pull a better stink bomb prank than this?

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