Daily Mail Readers Lose Plot As England Crash Out Rugby World Cup

by : UNILAD on : 04 Oct 2015 12:57

Daily Mail readers never fail to surpass themselves do they?


Their comments range from the ridiculous to the hilariously delusional, so much so, that there is even a Twitter account dedicated to them.

As you might expect, England falling flat in the Rugby World Cup – which they are hosting no less – created a bit of a stir.

That being said, no one reacted better than one woman, Jessica, who had some rather interesting ideas about what should happen now.


Her tweet actually came after the defeat to Wales last week, but Jessica had clearly seen enough, and knew that a premature (and deserved) exit was on the horizon.

It wasn’t just the rugby team and their performance she laid into – oh, no.

The X Factor and Eurovision also got it in the neck as well, because why not when you’re on a roll.


Here is her rant in full:

Why should we continue to pay for and support a tournament that we’re no longer in. We should shut the whole thing down immediately and if these nations want their so-called World Cup let them have it elsewhere.

This is no different from the anti-English bias at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now they even let Italians and their sort on the X Factor.

Time to quit the EU FOR EVER.


At least the England rugby side can look on the bright side.


It won’t be long before everyone forgets about how bad they were, once the football team play again.

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    England are out of the World Cup and Daily Mail readers have lost it