Daily Mail Slammed After Neglecting To Mention Tom Daley Olympic Diving Partner


The Daily Mail and other tabloids have been criticised for overlooking Tom Daley’s diving partner in headlines praising their Olympic bronze win. 

While the Daily Mail’s no stranger to controversy, this time they managed to piss off a good chunk of the great British people with their neglectful headline.

They wrote ‘Tom’s leap to Olympic joy’, neglecting to mention that to compete in the synchronised diving event you kind of need a partner.

Which Tom had by the way, he dived with his fellow bronze medal winner Daniel Goodfellow, who the papers forgot about, despite Daniel having trained with Daley since last October.

The pair managed to claim an incredible bronze win in the synchronised diving, winning Great Britain its eighth Olympic diving medal after the pair beat Germany to third place.

People were pretty annoyed about Daniel getting snubbed in the paper and felt it was unfair that only one half of the team was getting the credit.


Oh and before we forget China’s impressive duo Lin Yue and Chen Aisen, the competition favourites, managed to win the gold with an impressive diving display.