Daily Show Rips Fox News For Saying Obama ‘Fake Cried’ About Gun Violence

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jan 2016 14:09

Barack Obama teared up as he announced executive actions on guns, describing some of the shocking gun violence that has killed children across the U.S.


As Obama wiped away his tears, he said: “Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad. It happens on the streets of Chicago every day.”

But, as Fox News love to do, they decided to mock him for it. Host Andreas Tantaros said: “I would check that podium for, like, a raw onion. It’s not really believable.”


As her fellow guests laughed their heads off at her accusation – you know, about a president faking his anger and sadness at people killing small children with firearms – she added that she wished he’d get more upset about the threat of ISIS, after the Paris attacks and San Bernardino shootings.


Fortunately, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah ripped them a new one…

He said:

Are you fucking kidding me? Shedding tears when you think of murdered children is not really believable? You know what? There is something here that’s not really believable: the fact that the rest of us have to share the title of human being with you.

It’s fair to say Obama has been facing an uphill battle in trying to pass significant gun control legislation and has faced fierce opposition from the NRA and congressional Republicans.

After multiple mass shootings over his tenure as president, he has pleaded with the general public and Congress on countless occassions to support new restrictions on firearms – but it’s fair to say they’re having absolutely none of it.

So he’s decided to act on his own and attempted to tighten the ‘gun show loophole’ which allows some gun sellers to avoid carrying out background checks.


How could this not already be happening? For fuck’s sake.


  1. Vox

    Fox News mocked Obama for crying about gun violence. The Daily Show was not having it.