Dan Bilzerian In Trouble After Posting Controversial Picture On Instagram


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Never too far away from controversy, Dan Bilzerian is at it again with his dodgy Instagram posts and outraging his fans…

The professional poker player has caused anger among his followers once again, after posting a dubious snap of a bikini-clad woman perched on top of a giant tortoise.

The alleged ‘King of Instagram’ (he calls himself that, not us) was visiting Richard Branson’s Necker Island, when the snap was taken, earlier this week.

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This particular species of 100-year-old Galapagos tortoise is deemed as ‘vulnerable,’ by the World Wildlife Fund and is a protected species.

Instagram users were up in arms at Bilzerian’s apparent lack of respect for his environment and the creatures residing in it.

One wrote:

Probably not cool for your friend to sit on its back.

Shoutout to @richardbranson for being rich enough to buy a private island and make it an endangered animal sanctuary

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Another added:

And the best way to show one’s appreciation for the animal is to stick a s***k on it, stay classy.

Creator and entrepreneur Jamison Ernest behind Yellow Fever Clothing allegedly spoke to Branson about the use of his animals, according to Page Six. 

He said:

I’m very disappointed to see your beautiful protected creatures as zoo rides.

At which point Bilzerian decided to hit back at his angry following.

He said:

Get off your soapbox, the people working there said it’s fine to sit on them.

This doesn’t seem entirely accurate though, as his followers replied by pointing out the Galapagos National Parks ask visitors not to touch the tortoises at all…

Oh dear. He’s gone and done it this time.

It seems he can pose with guns and topless women and advocate drug use all he likes, but bring a giant, elderley tortoise into it and you’re gunna piss some people off…