Dangerous New Trend Is Like Ice Bucket Challenge But With Cocaine


Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? People pouring buckets of freezing water over themselves. That was fun, wasn’t it? And for a good cause.

Well this new trend is similar in some respects, but it’s kind of stupid and doesn’t really have the same charitable foundation. Basically people snort a line of coke and then nominate someone else to do the same.

Ice-Bucket-challenge-with-shocking-dark-twist (1)YouTube

Yep. That’s it. A new online trend, doing coke and encouraging your mates to do it too.

It started in Mexico, where the press have described it as a challenge for the wealthy members of society. It’s known as ‘Reto del pasesito’, and is has been widely shared on social media – it even had it’s own Facebook page before the social media giants took it down.


Not very imaginative of them. I hope the next internet fad is something a little more interesting. Oh, and doesn’t run the risk of rotting participants’ flesh.