Daniel Craig Becomes The First 007 To Produce A Bond Film



Daniel Craig is known across the world as James Bond, arguably his most famous acting role, but now the film series has given the actor another string to his illustrious bow.

The actor has been named alongside Andrew Noakes and David Pope as a co-producer for new film Spectre, and it makes him the first actor to star in and also be involved with the production side of the films.

Spectre will focus on Bond’s backstory, and will delve into his connection with Christoph Waltz’s character, SPECTRE terrorist Franz Oberhauser.

It could well be the last adventure Craig has as the famous 007, with Tom Hardy increasingly linked with the role.

Even Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has spoken about landing the role, claiming he ‘would seriously consider it’, and given he is set to hang up his claws as everyone’s favourite mutant, that could well be one to watch.

For now however, Spectre is out on October 26 in the UK, and opens on November 6 in the USA.