Daniel Radcliffe Was A Receptionist For An Hour And Struggled Massively


When he’s not playing quidditch, getting creeped out by women in black or rapping periodic tables, Daniel Radcliffe likes to unwind by being a receptionist. As we all do.

Radcliffe was recently asked to fill in reception duties for an hour at NYLON magazine and needless to say, he was pretty crap. Going undercover, nobody in the office was informed that he would be working there and the shock on some of their faces is pretty evident.

Once the novelty wore off, Radcliffe exclaims how difficult it is to work a normal job and begins to flounder when people ask him to actually do stuff, because y’know, it’s a working office. He’s obviously trying his best but it all gets too much when Joe Jonas comes in for a meeting and the Harry Potter star has no idea what to do. After making unsuccessful phone calls, he leaves Joe in a bid to find somebody who can help.

I’m not sure what was more embarrassing for the poor guy; the fact that he wasn’t good at the job or that Joe Jonas clearly had no idea who he was.