Danniella Westbrook Left Suicidal After Son Saw Leaked Nude Video Of Her On Pornhub


Actress Danniella Westbrook has admitted she felt ‘suicidal’ after discovering her son had seen her leaked nude video on Pornhub.

The actress, known for her role in EastEnders, has spoken out about the moment she realised a video had been uploaded to Pornhub after having her phone stolen.

Danniella told The Sun of the distress of both being a victim of revenge porn, and having her immediate family exposed to the sensitive footage.


She spoke of how her 21-year-old son Kai woke up to screenshots from friends who had seen Danniella trending on the adult site.

Initially, she said, she ‘laughed it off’ and was reportedly happy with her appearance in the video, but upon learning the impact the video had on her children, she became suicidal.

She is now taking action to get the clip taken down after the video amassed thousands of views in hours of being uploaded on Wednesday.

She said:

I feel suicidal because that’s my kid. He’s beside himself and I feel terrible. That does make me feel bad, it makes me feel awful.

He told me ‘I’ve woken up in Edinburgh and everyone’s sending me screenshots, you’re trending on Pornhub.’

It’s revenge porn. They haven’t got the right to put it on Pornhub. Within two hours and 15 minutes of it being put on it had 12,500 views.

People are paying to download it. I can’t stop it because it’s out there.

Westbrook claimed her phone was stolen three weeks ago while she was on holiday in Gran Canaria with Chantelle Connelly from Geordie Shore.

The video in question was filmed herself while at home in the sauna, but was meant for the eyes of a person whom she trusted and has been dating.

The video circulated online over the weekend, and has since been uploaded to Pornhub.

Danniella said:

It can be taken down and will be hopefully, but the damage is done already.

I know he [the man she’s seeing] would never send it on in a million years or else we would have a whole trilogy of me by now!

I shouldn’t have done it, but I got too drunk and sometimes I forget I’m a mum. It was absolutely stupid. Don’t give me a drink and my phone and be home alone.


Last week, Danniella took to Twitter to make light of the nude video leak, and to warn fans not to ‘cancel their Babestation subscriptions’.

She wrote:

Apparently there’s a video of me naked tipsy and in a sauna doing the rounds on line… Seriously it’s not breaking news and I wouldn’t rush to cancel ya @BabestationTV subscription people it’s a 10 sec clip off a phone I had nicked in Gran Canaria my apologises now 2 all!! [sic]

Danniella was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis, a condition which weakens bones and makes them more likely to break.


Now, she has admitted she is worried about what the future holds, saying:

Now it’s like the fear of the unknown because it’s not actually my fault this time.

I’m sure I had a huge part to play in it for all those years taking drugs, but this time it’s because of medical reasons and not because of using.

Here’s hoping Danniella can live her life free from internet trolls and people shaming her for wanting to live a life like a normal human being.

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