Danny Dyer Beaten Up By TOWIE Gang As Mark Wright Feud Escalates



Everyone knows Danny Dyer and Mark Wright have got beef, but their feud has just been taken to a whole new level.

Apparently, Danny Dyer was beaten up by Mark Wright’s TOWIE friends while watching a Justin Bieber concert with his daughter. Sure, the whole thing doesn’t sound too tough, but it left Dyer with a black eye.

Dyer, who is getting married in two weeks, was kicked in the head in front of his 20-year-old daughter after being jumped in a five-on-one punch-up against friends of Wright at V Festival, according to eyewitness reports. Wright himself was apparently not involved in the fight.

But it seems people are less concerned about his shiner and more concerned about the incident happening in front of his daughter, who apparently told a source she ‘fucking hated Mark Wright’. I probably would too if his friends beat up my dad.

Dyer’s fiancee, Jo Mas, told the Mirror:

How could Mark Wright’s friends do that to my Danny in front of my little girl. We are here on a family trip and this happens.

Danny is not an aggressive person, he wouldn’t have wanted to fight anyone. They’ve ganged up on him. I can’t believe they’ve done this.

I’ve waited nine months to see Justin Bieber and this has ruined it.

But apparently the whole thing started when Dyer started calling Wright a ‘cunt’, so I mean, the kick off wasn’t completely without cause.

According to reports, Dyer told a friend:

They all just came at me and jumped me. There was a lot of them. And it was in front of my kid.

That’s not right. This eye just needs to heal before the wedding.

This isn’t the first time Wright and co. have gotten into a scuffle with Dyer, though.

Apparently the two got into a bitch-slapping fight at a charity event:

Can’t we all just get along?