Danny Dyer Is Seriously Kicking Off With Jeremy Kyle


Danny Dyer’s really not a fan of Jeremy Kyle.

The actor’s been threatening to “choke him” in the street if they cross paths, despite never having met the man.

Appearing on Radio 1 to promote his new book Life Lessons from the East End, Danny Dyer said that his favourite rant in the book was against Kyle, saying: “Jeremy Kyle. He gets it.”

Speaking about the controversial TV host, Dyer said:

I just can’t stand the geezer…Which is probably a bit strong considering I’ve never met him. He [Kyle] makes entertainment out of their despair.”

Dyer told host Nick Grimshaw he would; “see what happens” if the pair met in the street”.

The EastEnders actor seems to take most offense that Kyle is a fan of his own beloved West Ham United.

According to Closer Magazine, Dyer writes:

I despise Jeremy Kyle, every bone in his stuck-up, sanctimonious, two-faced body. He’s a smug exploiter of misery, a nasty piece of work.

Right from the bottom of my heart, Jeremy, if there’s any spark of humanity in you, any at all, keep away from Upton Park.

Jezza wasn’t the only star to get both barrels, he made it clear that he had no time for reality stars, saying: “Stop swanning around like you’ve got some sort of talent, because you haven’t,” adding “I can’t get my head around all that Kardashian nonsense.” Well he’s got a point there.