Daredevil Falls To His Death Attempting Bridge Stunt


This is the horrific moment a young man can be seen falling to his death while attempting to swing across the top of a high bridge.

The unidentified man attempted the stunt on a bridge in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev – however as you can see, it did not go as planned.

The gruesome and fatal fall was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone who later shared the video on social media, because 2017.

Warning: Graphic Video

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In the clip, the young man, believed to be in his teens or early 20’s, can seen swinging his way across the top of an incredibly high bridge.

But in just seconds he loses his grip and falls, hitting a metal bar on the way down, before colliding with the ground at a high speed.


It is rumoured that the man was tired after climbing the bridge to attempt the stunt.

Of course – almost every death is shrouded in tragedy but when you’re playing with fire like this guy was, it’s only a matter of time until fatality kicks in.

Eternally, stuntmen will push the boundaries and wander on a fine line between life and death – but is it worth it? I wouldn’t say so.