Dark Souls 3 Gets Awesome First Person Mod


You know when you’re in the middle of getting your own sword shoved up your arse in Dark Souls 3? Don’t you just wish you could be, y’know, closer to the action? Well now you can with this first person mod!

Pieced together by modder/ masochist Zulliethewitch, the mod simply plonks the camera onto the shoulders of your hero and, presto! First person fury simulator.

Zulliethewitch has also given us similar mods for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, so it was only a matter of time before this one surfaced. Naturally, because the game wasn’t meant to be played in first person it does have this weird floating hand thing going on, but the rest of it looks astounding.

PC users can download the mod for themselves here and for everybody else, check out the video below, if you can stand the interesting choice of music.

Now that we’ve got the mod set up, here’s hoping that somebody can get it working with the VR headsets. Jump, roll, vomit, repeat.